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Dickson Chemist

Dickson Chemist is an award-winning, family-owned group of pharmacies. The first pharmacy in the group was opened in Rutherglen over forty years ago. Now we have 9 NHS and 1 specialist private pharmacy. This includes the acquired Hands Pharmacy and Leslie Chemists.

Our private LDN Department is a shining example for how unlicensed therapies can be handled, and is based in our head offices in Rutherglen. You can find out more clicking here.

The emphasis that our team places on providing excellent patient service has helped us to establish ourselves as one of the longest running pharmacy groups in our area. Every single member of staff in our team is fully trained to deal with a range of queries and requests, helping us to provide the best experience possible for anyone who walks into one of our branches.

In 2022 we launched our Hyperbaric Oxygen service (HBOT) which is proving to be very popular with patients who have ongoing fatigue after the pandemic. (Click here for more information)

New in 2022, we also have Pharmacy First Plus – an incredible service where we can prescribe a huge range of medicines, to treat a large number of conditions you used to have to go to the doctor for – all on the NHS – for patients in our areas. (Book a free appointment here)

In 2023 we launched our Aesthetics service based in Whiteinch – where facial rejuvenation injections are administered in our newly refurbished premises. (Click here for more information)