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Dickson Chemist Rutherglen Team

NHS Dispensing, and free delivery to Rutherglen, Kings Park, Toryglen, Cambuslang, Castlemilk, Fernhill, Spittal, Whitlawburn and surrounding.

Our amazing delivery drivers will go to your GP surgery, pick up your prescription and once it is ready can even bring it right to your door, or pop in and see us and collect it yourself! We go to most surgeries within a few miles

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Pharmacy First

Inside the Rutherglen Exchange Shopping centre, we couldn’t be easier to get to for some quick advice and help. With parking on the roof and disabled access – we are very accessible. One of the most popular services is Pharmacy First.

NHS Pharmacy First is the new name from “Minor Ailments Service” – coughs, colds, minor illnesses can be treated free and on the NHS. Just pop in and see our trained staff during any of our opening hours.

Pharmacy First PLUS

Trouble seeing the GP? Or no time? This service is is designed to deal with a wide range of common clinical conditions – from everything from chest infections, to more complicated acute illnesses. Our Pharmacist has an NHS Prescription pad and special training to prescribe almost anything the GP can. Many of the benefits of a GP appointment – but lots more availability. Book an appointment here.

Consultation rooms

Rutherglen benefits from 3 consultation and treatment rooms. You can be seen in a private space – and get the treatment you need professionally and with privacy.

Compliance Aids

Commonly known as Dosette Boxes, people who are on many medications often find it difficult to remember to take all their medication at the right time. 

We can sort all of your medication into a weekly tray – deal with everything for you – and even deliver the box to you every week. All free! Sign up here

NHS Lanarkshire Pharmacy Services (Camglen)

  • Emergency Contraception
  • Daily/Weekly Dispensing
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (Stop smoking service)
  • Treatment for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Treatment For Impetigo
  • Gluten Free Service
  • Unscheduled Care (emergency supply)
  • Stoma service

Our Clients

"Jen the pharmacist is such a wealth of knowledge, she was able to help me sort my medicines into a dosette box and the driver brings it to me every week! So easy and I don't forget to take my pills now. ”
R.m. - Rutherglen
"I was looking for a special cream that I couldn't find anywhere - Kayleigh (the supervisor) managed to source it and phoned me when it came in - very helpful. The staff are also so friendly, nothing is ever a bother.”
J. D. - Spittal

Going the extra mile for our patients every day

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