Pharmacy First is the new name for the Minor Ailments Service. This is available on-demand in every one of our community pharmacies in Scotland, and is generally a face to face consultation with the pharmacist on duty.

A new service, which must be booked in advance, is called “Pharmacy First PLUS” – and involves a consultation with a prescribing pharmacist, who has access to many more of the treatments that you would normally get from a GP. They have an NHS prescription pad, and can write you a prescription for a wide range of ailments – everything from UTI infections, to antibiotics for chest infections and medicines to treat coughs and colds not allowed on the Minor Ailment service.

Our pharmacist prescribers can write you NHS prescriptions, and have the treatment delivered to your door!

Patients must be registered with a GP in Lanarkshire or Glasgow to use this service.

We request that you book the service in advance using the link below, and before booking a face to face appointment, first try a remote videocall or telephone appointment due to COVID restrictions. BOOK APPOINTMENT HERE

Click here to make appointment for Pharmacy First Plus