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Book Pharmacy First Plus Consultation

  • Phone call
  • Video Call
  • In person assessment
  • Collect medicine or have it delivered
  • Similar to a GP Appointment for an acute illness
  • Multiple locations available and hundreds of appointments
  • Antibiotics, painkillers, most common clinical conditions treated.

Join us - accepting NEW NHS Patients

  • Free Delivery or collect prescriptions in store
  • No need to go to the GP for repeats
  • Dosette Boxes available as required
  • Access to remote support consultations
  • Fast, friendly and local service in central Glasgow and Lanarkshire
  • Family run practice - support independent pharmacy

Book your Child a Chicken Pox Vaccination

£ 135
/both doses
  • Not available on NHS
  • 9 handy locations Glasgow and Lanarkshire
  • Appointment time to suit you
  • Experienced and empathetic staff
  • NHS Regulated Premises
  • Both doses covered - 8 weeks apart
  • Protect your child from an outbreak

Book a consultation to discuss LDN

£ 50
  • Phone consult
  • LDN Research Trust Approved prescribers
  • Wide range of conditions
  • Years of experience
  • Fast appointment availability
  • Delivery straight to your home
  • Everything uploaded electronically
  • Consultation refunded if not suitable for you
  • LDN Experts since 2008

Book Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Session

£ 150
  • Use code "firstsession" for 50% off your first trial session
  • Conveniently just off the M74 in Rutherglen
  • Includes consultation with an expert
  • Wellness, Fatigue, Aesthetics, Sports Recovery, Post Surgical Recovery all covered
  • First of a kind in Glasgow
  • Fully supported through the wellness journey

Book Consultation to discuss veoza

£ 99
  • Not available on NHS
  • Treat menopausal symptoms (hot flushes) without hormones
  • Includes liver function test
  • All completed remotely
  • NHS Regulated Prescribers
  • Much more cost effective than a menopause clinic
  • Includes ongoing support if required

Why Choose Us


We will always be honest, truthful and helpful


Operating uninterrupted since 1978

Family run

We want you to be part of our family

Cost effective

Where we have to charge, we keep prices low and fair


It is really like a mini GP appointment. Our pharmacists have NHS prescription pads and can treat a wide range of acute conditions in the same way GPs do. We communicate the results of your appointment to your GP. Its funded entirely by the NHS.

Dispensing of the prescription is covered by the NHS – however, delviery is not paid for. We offer it free as we have a wide customer base and feel that it is essential to be able to get your medicine at home. We know other pharmacies charge a fee, but we never will.

The simple answer is that the NHS has decided not to fund Chicken Pox vaccines – although they are regulated and licensed medicines – there are only so many resources and at the moment the vaccines are quite expensive.

As to why – although not usually life threatening, Chicken Pox is very unpleasant and means days off school/nursery and poses a risk to pregnant women. If enough people get vaccinated against chicken pox, it hopefully will gradually become less prevalent.

We work closely with the LDN Research trust –  a charity originally set up to promote non-NHS therapies for patients with Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune disease. 

LDN is one of the most widely prescribed medicines in autoimmune conditions internationally (also in long covid now), yet as it is being used in an unlicensed way cannot be bought or sold in the usual way.

A full consultation must happen with a specialist before anyone obtains LDN. This is what we offer.

Hyperbaric oxygen is a therapy used most often on the NHS for wound healing.

Since the covid-19 pandemic, it has experienced a resurgence in popularity as it pushes pure oxygen into your body – improving tiredness, and brain fog symptoms often left over after illness. 

You lie down in a slightly pressurised chamber, watch Netflix, and breath pure oxygen through a mask for an hour. Most people say it leaves them feeling energised and refreshed. 

It isn’t suitable for everyone, but almost everyone will get a boost of energy afterwards. Our customers are everyone from sports superstars to people with chronic fatigue problems. 

A dosette box is a multi compartment compliance aid – basically all your medicine is laid out MON-SUNDAY in a grid and you do away with having packets everywhere.

Most pharmacies hate making them, so patients often have problems getting anyone to do it for them.

We absolutely love dosette boxes, as we see the massive difference they make to patients – mostly elderly, or a getting a bit forgetful. 

We have invested in robots to make these dosette boxes – and have 2 centralised hubs – so we have a very high capacity for making them.

Although our services can be booked online – and some items are available for sale in an online shop – we are a bricks and mortar pharmacy group.

Everyone works for the NHS providing NHS services in a patient facing way, and you can come visit any of our branches which are open for the full week.

There is no warehouse or little office somewhere selling medicines over the internet – it just isn’t how we operate. We are real people, delivering real services, from traditional and well tested premises – following exacting standard laid out by our regulators.

Yes we absolutely do – we work with hundreds of clinics who send us thousands of prescriptions a year. 

We offer incredibly good value for money on most things – which is why customers come back to us month after month. 

Our specialty in the private sector is in weird and wonderful unusual medicines – for conditions where everything the NHS has got to offer has failed.