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Janine Milne – Integrative Medicine Consultation


Janine Milne is our partner for integrative medical therapies.

With a diploma in Integrative Medicine, Janine has experience working with a wide range of groups, notably patients referred by Jane McLelland (Author: How to starve cancer), cancer specialists such as Patricia Peat (from CancerOptions) and Chris Woolams from CancerActive.

Janine has experience delivering unlicensed medicines associated with the ongoing ReDo trials and with antibiotic therapy for UTI after analysis has been performed by Microgen.

She is experienced in many off-label therapies – and can discuss a whole range of therapy options with you during the consultation.

Initial Consultations are £80 and will include the prescribing of any medication (but not the cost of the drugs themselves)


All orders are shipped via Royal Mail at the following rates:

  • Free Standard — Free (orders over £10)
  • Standard — £3.00 (orders under £10)
  • International — £9.00

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