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Lipotrim Female x 7 Sachets Chicken Soup


7 meal replacement sachets, chicken soup flavour, for women.

Women need 3 sachets a day – these are sold in 7s to allow for different flavour choices.

Dose: Do not exceed 3 sachets per day

Directions: Mix, using a blender, with at least 500ml of water. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

NOTE: When you buy these products, a healthcare professional will be in touch to make sure they are suitable for you before they are sent. You will be asked to join a weight loss program, which will be remote due to the current pandemic.

Men should take 2 sachets a day and women should take 3. This is a complete meal replacement, so you must not eat any food while using these sachets. Only plain drinks are allowed such as black tea, water and no artificial sweeteners or diet drinks are allowed.

To help you decide if Lipotrim is right for you, speak to the pharmacist at a participating pharmacy (see below) who will be able to supply you with more information and a video to watch. The pharmacist can also give you a medical screening form to fill out to check that the programme is suitable for you.


If you have certain medical conditions you may have to see your GP before joining the pharmacy programme, or the pharmacist may recommend you join the Lipotrim GP Programme instead.

If you are serious about losing weight, Lipotrim can help you achieve that, but you will need to follow the programme strictly.


When you follow the programme properly you should be able to lose about a stone a month (women) or a stone and a half (men).


All orders are shipped via Royal Mail at the following rates:

  • Free Standard — Free (orders over £10)
  • Standard — £3.00 (orders under £10)
  • International — £9.00

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