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Canidol Aloe Derma Gel 2.5% – Pharmacy Only Sale

£21.60 £15.00 inc. VAT

Although the majority of our products are medical cannabis based and prescription only, we do have a range of pharmacy exclusive products available to purchase in store.

During the period of COVID-19, we are relaxing the need to speak to you in person before purchasing our pharmacy exclusive Cannabis products.

Traditionally used for everything from anxiety to pain control, if you haven’t heard fo the benefits of CBD then you can give us a call to see which would be best for you.

Not suitable for people who are taking drugs which affect CYP450, or have a warning about grapefruit.

If in doubt, ask your pharmacist first.


All orders are shipped via Royal Mail at the following rates:

  • Free Standard — Free (orders over £10)
  • Standard — £3.00 (orders under £10)
  • International — £9.00

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